“My family is my gift and at the center of it is my mother. She taught me from a young age to be patient, confident and loving in all forms. She’s been the source of my drive to find my true purpose in life, which led me to working with kids. I am honored to not only be her son but her legacy. Love you, Mom.”
– Roger, Son, STATE PackMan

Let’s be honest. Moms deserve more than just a day. They need a whole week, if not a year. So while we love to celebrate our moms every day, this week we’re giving a special #MomSalute to the mom’s who are just too legit to quit.

Take a page out of our PackMan Rick’s book and share what makes your mom so great. Tweet at us, share on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram: @statebags. You might get featured in a special #MomsDay blog!

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