The Man Behind Our Feed.

While we like to maintain a certain level of mystery, we also like to shout out the cool people we have on our squad. One of them being the guy who shoots all the frames you see on our Instagram feed. His name’s Tyler and he finally put his camera down to sit down and talk with us about composition, the city and what he carries in his bag.

SB: We know it’s always been your dream to take pictures of backpacks in their natural environment… Just kidding, but we do want to know how long you’ve known you wanted to do photography for a living?

TG: Photography has always been a passion of mine. I remember always wanting to play with my dad’s camera. I got my first taste of learning about cameras, darkrooms while in high school when i took an “intro to photography” class. I still find myself reverting back to things i learned in that class, even today. I was always fascinated with the process that took place in a darkroom. Sometimes i really miss shooting with film, as opposed to digital (welcome to the future), as it just brings so much character to people’s work. Fast forward 7 years, and it was still just a hobby, but moving to New York was a big catalyst for me taking the next step, and working on turning it into more than just a hobby. After much prodding and encouragement from friends, I decided to invest into some gear and time to studying others people’s work. Its been about two years of me working towards being a full time photographer. Quite the journey, for a hobby, to a job. 

SB: When you’re out shooting, what kind of backdrop or atmosphere makes you stop and say “this is the shot!”?

TG: When I’m out shooting, I try not to have a specific goal, or shot in mind. I think that limits my eye, and find myself only looking for that one shot. However, I am always drawn to deep shots, long clean lines, and the two big C’s, “contrast” and “composition” - which the city is perfect for.  I love to try and find different ways of seeing things in the city, as looking for a different perspective has always been my favorite way to challenge myself. My current fascination has been with water. More specifically, puddles. I love to shoot the reflections we find in them. Its almost like a door to another world. I like using the city as a palette, and letting it speak for itself. It’s a beautiful monster. 

SB: You know we have to ask it. What’s one thing in your bag that you carry everywhere that might actually surprise your closest friends and family?

TG: My bag, as with many New Yorkers, is my lifeline. I almost always have an extra shirt, because I’m reckless when it comes to food (I’ll own that), a camera (duh), and there are also things I keep with me to serve as reminders. I always carry my favorite picture of my grandfather and I (Pappy, as i called him). The picture is from when I was maybe 3 or 4 - we were playing in his wood shop. He built his life around working with his hands, which I always respected. I keep that picture around to inspire me to always work hard and never take anything for granted. He was a huge role model in my life. I’m even designing a tattoo in his honor.

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