Tying and Dyeing.

Even though the weather keeps flip-flopping on us, we are going to barrel on through like we know spring and summer are just around the corner. They are right? They have to be.

The Smith in Tie-Dye and African Indigo are becoming our go-tos for bringing festival season and spring weather into our daily necessities and wardrobe. But we always love a good DIY. We went on a hunt for the best (and most unique) ways to tie-dye the rest of the stuff in your life. The possibilities are (quite literally) endless.

How To Ice-Dye, with blue dye.

How To Ice-Dye, for a bit more of a rainbow look.

How To Reverse Tye-Dye, aka how to dye with bleach.

How To Galaxy Dye, which you need to see to believe.

Dip-Dye Succulent Pot, because why keep tie-dye just to your wardrobe?

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