Apps With That.

When you ask around our office about the kind of apps we use on our phones every day, you get a variety of answers. Some of us are utilitarian, some are more whimsical, some are centered. And some of the answers are just out of left field.

So what are we using every day that makes each of our phones so unique? Thanks for asking. It’s one of our favorite subjects.

Headspace. A personal trainer, but for meditation.

VSCO. Our sworn friend when it comes to Instagram.

Classpass. The only way to personalize your workout routine.

Yoga Studio. When you want your workout routine to be even MORE private.

Timehop. What can we say. We’re a nostalgic bunch.

Spring. A few of us are on Spring every night. It’s a problem. A good one.

Slack. The only way we communicate as a team. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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