Movin’ On Up.

In February of 2012, Jacq and I did what we never thought we’d do…move back to New York City. 

Exactly one year after we said that we were officially done with New York and moved to Boston, we were on the Mass Pike - moving trucks in tow - heading back to Brooklyn. It was emotional, exciting, and terrifying. 

Jacq was 7 months pregnant with our first, and what was equally daunting as the thought of raising kids in New York was the beginnings of a new business in STATE. We knew we had to be back here for it to really take off, so we landed back in Brooklyn, leading our friends to ask how we enjoyed our 1 year Boston vacation. 

February 2012 is top of mind these days because on Monday, in February 2016, we moved into our own office space. The official STATE HQ! 

For four years we’ve been squatting in coffee shops…


…Going month to month at shared work spaces, and most recently grabbing more and more desks at Launch Collective - the company that helped us take our idea, to a product, to a business. 

There have been countless “pinch us” moments that Jacq and I have shared - the smiles on hundreds of kids faces at our first bag drop in Red Hook… 


A Times Square billboard…


Photographers rushing to shoot us with Jessica Alba at our Honest X STATE LA bag drop…


Or a call from Beyonce’s team:

But, moving our growing team into 588 Broadway might top the list, and is yet another step forward in an insanely exhilarating process. 

So if you’re walking down Broadway and hear roaring laughter or wafts of endless snacks coming from the second floor windows, give a wave to our crew, and know that big things are happening in STATE HQ! 

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