Do Goodie-Goodie.

A few months ago, we were so excited to launch our Do Goodie Bag program. We wanted to give people a way to give back on their birthdays, without a lot of hassle. Just one click and– boom. You’ve donated a bag. Through the program, you can sign up with your birthday and get a custom link for your birthday-invitees to donate a bag to a child in need in your name.

The Do Goodie Bag program has already gone far and above what we thought it would in just a short period of time, and we’re so proud of all the Do-Goodie-ers who have thrown their hat into the ring so far!

To give a special shout-out to one of our #1 birthday girls, we asked her a few questions. Meet Sofia, resident Do Goodie expert!

SB: Hi Sofia! We think it’s pretty cool you wanted to give back for your birthday. What inspired you to do such an awesome thing?

S: i am so grateful that i have all I need so I really wanted to give less fortunate kids things they may need for their everyday lives.

SB: What advice do you have for people who want to get out and give back in their own lives?

S: Find something that means a lot to you and give your time and energy to a great cause.

SB: What’s something you carry with you everyday in your bag that’s really important to you?

S: I carry my school supplies in my state bag every day!  

Want to be featured on our blog like Sofia? Sign up for our Do Goodie program here and get to giving back!

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