Motivate Your Monday.

It’s the first Monday of 2016, so we want to make it could. We’re not super into resolutions this year, but we have some dreams we’d like to chase. One of those dreams is to be less down on Mondays. We want to be more hopeful, more optimistic.

After all, Mondays are leading the way into the rest of the week. Why not make that count?

If you’re looking for ways to make that happen too, read up a little on being more positive. Whether it’s sharing  more positivity online, making a cup of tea or doing a good deed, you can start doing little things that make a big difference. 

Or if you’re just looking to ramp it up in the new year in general, check out this read on the 20 things you need to remember. Perfect for finding some motivation that will last you through the month, at least.

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