Back when Scot was helping to run Camp Micah in Maine, he had an idea. He wanted to send kids from underfunded neighborhoods of Boston (his hometown) to overnight camp for a week. He got connected with another fellow Bostonian, Jim Wahlberg. Jim runs the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and he was totally up for helping Scot make this idea happen.

Because of Jim and the help of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester and Roxbury, MA, Camp Northbound was born. Since 2006, they’ve sent 150 Boston kids to a week of camp for free. They zip line, they shoot archery, they go tubing on the lake, and much much more. To say that it’s awesome would be an understatement.


Camp Northbound is still going strong every year, with Jim and the MWYF at the helm. This week we’re giving a HUGE shout out to Jim Wahlberg for holding down the fort and doing something we know firsthand can be the funnest, craziest thing you do in your life. 


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