We Hold These Truths.

Anyone whose work is chipping away at making a real difference in our culture as a society and the way we think about each other definitely qualifies themselves as a role model.

iO Tillett Wright created the Self Evident Truths Project to humanize a community of people that often goes unrecognized. The projects’ goal is to photograph 10,000 people who identify as anything other than straight, using the “simplicity of their faces, showing that we come in all shapes, sizes, races, and social strata, thus making it harder for people to discriminate against [them].”

At the time of this writing, she has photographed 9,563 people who include actors, singers, writers and people we encounter on a daily basis. iO’s photography has showed a community that is hopeful, beautiful and strong. She’s worked to define gray areas of gender and sexuality, which we think is pretty freaking cool.

The Self Evident Truths Project is currently raising money for a DC installation that will showcase all 10,000 portraits to the public. You can help them do that and bring this project to the world here.

If you have someone you think would make a great STATE role model, send us a note at info@statebags.com!

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