At STATE, we constantly get inspired by the people who help out at our bag drops, reach out to us about areas of need in their community or just ask us how they can do more.

In other words, we’re big fans of the role model over here.

As a part of STATE’s digital team, it’s a huge honor to be kick off our blog series on personal role models. We always want to be shouting out, from the rooftops, people who are doing something cool, making a difference and being their best self. That’s why I chose my mom, Terri Marshall, to be one of our first STATE role models.

I’ll let her answers speak for themselves, but I’ll just say my mom is the coolest. In the past year she’s conquered breast cancer, dyed her hair pink and started a blog. She runs marathons, trail runs and even rock climbs once in a while. She’s a major inspiration and influence on my life every day. That’s why she’s a role model.

- Kelsey Marshall, Digital Strategy, STATE Bags

SB: First off, who’s been a role model for YOU in your life? Why?

TM: My mother. She is one of the most loving genuine people you will ever meet. She raised a family while working full time back during a time period when husbands didn’t help out at home much. She took care of many elderly family members when they were near the end of their lives and also took care of my dad when he was sick before he passed away. She is easy to be around and just a happy person in general. I am more like my dad than her, but I wish I was more like her!

SB: What’s one piece of advice you’ve never forgotten?

TM: Relating back to my mom’s influence, she always told me when I was growing up that I could do anything I wanted to do. And somehow that has stuck with me all of my life. I have a lot of confidence and pretty much believe that I can do what I want to do, and I owe that to her and the fact that she drilled that into my head when I was growing up. So I guess the advice would be to believe that you can do what you set your mind to. And just do it!

SB: What project or accomplishment stands out to you as something you’re especially proud of?

TM: I am most proud of my family, my marriage, and my children. My husband and I have managed to have a healthy marriage for 26 years. We love and respect each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. I know what a gift that is and also how rare that can be. So I feel grateful that we’ve been able to accomplish that. I’m also proud of raising my children. I didn’t do everything right, but we did most things right, and the healthy marriage probably affected our raising of our children more than any other influence.

SB: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

TM: That’s a hard one! Maybe the ability to read someone’s mind so I can know what they’re really thinking and know how best to respond?

SB: At our bag drop rallies, our STATE PackMen/Women share stories of things they carry in their bag that tells a lot about their journey in life and may even surprise their closest friends. What’s one thing you carry in your bag that’s made you the person you are today?

TM: I carry a book in my bag almost everywhere I go. I love to read, and I’ve learned a ton through reading for pleasure through the years. Reading can be educational and it can also be therapy. When I’m reading a good story it relaxes me in a way that nothing else really does. Cheaper than paying a psychiatrist!

Got a role model you’d love to tell us about? Send us an email at and we might feature them!

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