Mitylene, a great store in Atlanta that literally JUST opened two weeks ago, was kind enough to answer some questions for us! They’re carrying STATE as a part of their opening collection and we think their store is super cool.

Betsy and Laura told us how their kids inspire their store and how what they carry in their bag has changed since they became parents.

SB: When you opened your store, what was one thing you hoped to bring to customers above all else? 

B & L: We hope to bring fun fresh individual looks to kids in Atlanta. Atlanta is know to be super traditional and kids shops reflect that! We are here to mix it up with our disco ball and lines from all over the world!

SB: What inspires the look behind your store?

B & L: Definitely our kids! We have four boys and a girl between us and wanted to bring each of their individuality and unique style into our store. We love to travel and have found lines all over the world and are so excited to bring them to Atlanta, from our African beaded sheep to our hand-knit sweaters made in Peru. We have clothes for every occasion, classical elegant for the holidays to everyday casual chic with some rock n’ roll! 

SB: If you could give advice to yourself ten years ago, what would it be? 

B & L: We just opened last week, ask us in ten!

SB: At our bag drop rallies, our STATE PackMen/Women share stories of things they carry in their bag that tells a lot about their journey in life and may even surprise their closest friends. What’s one thing you carry in your bag that’s made you the person you are today? 

B & L: For the past 8 years our bags have been filled with everything our kids need and a wallet, we have learned to travel light!

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