As a part of our ongoing series where we talk to the lovely people who carry STATE in their stores, we spoke to Avi and Courtney who own an analog toy shop, Norman and Jules.

SB: When you opened your store, what was one thing you hoped to bring to customers above all else?

A & C: When we opened Norman & Jules, we wanted to provide our community with a large selection of open–ended, imaginative toys from local and worldwide companies that are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Most of our toys come with no instructions, encouraging children to use their imagination with limitless possibilities. We also wanted to support other small vendors from our community and throughout the world. To date, most of Norman & Jules’ suppliers are small-scale operations where goods are made in-house or strictly adhere to Fair Trade policies.

SB: What inspires the look behind your store?

A & C: When we were designing our shop, we created a space unlike most toy stores. The shop had to feel welcoming and comfortable, and the products be displayed in a way that customers can touch and interact with them.

SB: If you could give advice to yourself ten years ago, what would it be?

Avi: Save your money!

Courtney: Life is so much richer outside of corporate America. Don’t be afraid to start your dream now.

SB: At our bag drop rallies, our STATE PackMen/Women share stories of things they carry in their bag that tells a lot about their journey in life and may even surprise their closest friends. What’s one thing you carry in your bag that’s made you the person you are today?

A & C: We always have a pen and notebook in our STATE bags. Ideas often come at the oddest times and a good old fashion pen and paper are much more reliable than your phone’s battery!

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