It’s #InernationalLiteracyDay! We can’t help but get jazzed about it. Reading is something that’s always been a part of STATE’s philosophy and the empowerment we bring to our bag drops. It’s even hidden in our logo… The “A” in STATE is drawn as an open book. We love this picture above from our #HonestxSTATE bag drop of our “What A Difference A Book Makes” booth!

We always love partnering with charities that help spread books all over the country and today we’d thought we’d give a shout-out to our favorite places that are doing just that! You can donate physical books to any of the below charities or make a straight donation to help them out.

First Book - Aiming to end illiteracy and poor reading resources, each year First Book distributes millions of books to children who have never owned a book of their own.

Books For Africa - Books For Africa is the largest shipper of donated text and literacy books to the African continent. They have one goal: end the “book famine” across Africa.

Better World Books - Every time you buy a book from Better World, they donate one! They sell a wide range, from textbooks to novels. Your next book purchase could help teach a child to read. You can also donate your used books and print out a free shipping label to send them to someone who needs them.

We Give Books - For anyone who has an internet connection, We Give Books provides thousands of titles that are free to read on-demand.

Operation Paperback - Since 1999, Operation Paperback has donated 1.9 million books to soldiers and veterans around the globe. They aim to provide an escape to troops who have access to little or no recreation facilities while deployed.

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