@Twitter X @StateBags

As a young business, we’ve heard many fellow entrepreneurs encourage us to meet with anyone, be open to all ideas and think about saying “yes” before saying “no.“ 

Throughout STATE’s first two years, we have been faced with countless meetings and opportunities – some that have fallen flat and others that took us to new heights. Way back, when we were trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media, we were asked if we wanted to be part of a beta program for another new company that connected brands with social media creators/celebrities. It seemed simple enough and a good way to catch some buzz, so we agreed and teamed up with Niche (@JoinNiche). Their company was growing quickly and decided to buy their whole team STATE Bags as a holiday gift, since they loved the fact that each bag they purchased meant another donated to an American child in need.

Speed ahead almost two years later and Niche has officially arrived – they joined Twitter and appear to be involved in every big social media campaign out there. Despite their remarkable success, they haven’t forgotten their roots. This past June at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Niche Co-Founder Darren Lachtman was spotted wearing his STATE Bag. His fellow Twitter team member stopped him, asked about the bag, and bam… the conversation was underway!

We were connected to the Twitter Event Marketing team and quickly made things happen so we could be a part of their #BEYOND Global Sales Conference in California. Each of the 1,400 attendees received a custom STATE Bedford bag (not sold in stores) with the Twitter logo.

The bags landed and the tweets and pics hit the Twittersphere. Now it’s time for the real fun to begin – working with the TwitterCommunity team (@TwitterForGood) to donate thousands of bags to local kids in need as reflected in our GiveBackPack program.

We can’t wait to get that process started and are so thrilled to have received the opportunity to work with such an incredible company. And to all those blossoming entrepreneurs out there – take our advice: meet everyone and say yes when possible… because you never know where it’ll get you!

-Scot Tatelman

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