There are many out there that might say nothing truly productive can come from a bachelor party weekend…in Mexico. Most times, I would agree, but last June on the beaches of Sayulita, we proved all the naysayers wrong. It was there that the connection to Christopher Gavigan - Honest’s Co-Founder - was made. “If you’re ever thinking about working with Honest, I could connect you,” said a friend of mine, who clearly had no idea Honest was a main target of ours since we launched STATE. Fast forward a month, a lotta email tag and what seemed like hundreds of Honest Co boxes landing at our doorstep, we were moving and a partnership was officially in the works!

What’s so exciting for Jacq and I about this collaboration isn’t just that we’ve gotten to work and design great product with a company whose reach is growing by the minute, or that we personally change 10-15 Honest diapers a day, but that they share our DNA in how they truly want to make a difference.

The early conversations with Christopher and his team were certainly centered around how we would create great looking, “Honestly free” bags that people would love, but also how we could combine efforts in helping a lot of kids in need. 

This Monday, we’ll do just that in putting on a bag drop event unlike any we’ve ever done before. The event will be a mini boot camp / carnival / Farmer’s Market / bag drop donation event for nearly 1,000 kids living in very underfunded neighborhoods of Los Angeles. With the help of the incredible team at the Child Care Resource Center, our STATE PackMen and dozens of Honest volunteers will take over the Osborne Head Start program and do what we do best - GiveBackPack!

Sometimes companies can be about more than just making money - we’re so honored and thrilled to be working with a team that has proven this once again. Every purchase makes a difference - STATE and Honest have your back!

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- Scot

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