Detroit Bag Drop!


Gone are the days of Motown in motor city, where you’re more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than you are anywhere else in America. Almost 80% of Detroit students live in poverty, and the city has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country (About 25% in 2007 according to Education Week). Kids in Detroit’s public schools score consistently lower on standardized tests than do their counterparts in other large urban areas. And this was before the recession. 

Detroit’s bankruptcy led to thousands more leaving the city, larger tax deficits, smaller education budgets, and ultimately the closure of dozens of public schools. But despite the economic and political turmoil, “pockets of excellence” were able rise up from the education system, giving students a fresh start and bright future in the form of charter schools through the Education Achievement System. Combine these high scoring schools with a culture of elevated expectations with a $200,000 check from the AAA to the Detroit Public Schools- things are starting to look up for the midwest car capitol.
We at STATE can’t resist the action when it comes to renewed school systems, which is why we packed up and headed to Detroit for a bag drop at the Detroit Achievement Academy. The school is located in Brightmoor, one of the poorest and most dangerous zip codes in all of Detroit. Although the school has only been open about a year, the impact it is having on the community is visible. One parent, Kamillah Harris remarked in 2013 that “I see a renewal. I see a new chance, a new opportunity. I see hope, and I can see it in the other parents." 

We were thrilled to contribute brand new STATE bags along with donations from our partners, KIND Snacks and Bombas Socks to every student at DAA. We hope our bag drop rally helps to keep the incredible momentum going as the energy in the room shown by our newest GiveBackGals and Guys was truly awesome. We can’t wait to get back to ‘Comeback City’ soon! Thanks again, Detroit!  #GiveBackPack