Across STATE Lines

The east coast STATE  X #BeyGOOD tour is underway and it’s all smiles in Charlotte, North Carolina.

STATE PackMen Rick and Roger along with DJ Fame, #BeyGOOD program advisor Ivy McGregor, and Communities In Schools - Charlotte gave the kids at Bruns Academy a lift in terms of spirit and back-to-school swag. 

270 STATE bags were delivered to students, as well as hundreds of erasers, rulers, pencils, notebooks, and sharpeners. Instead of stuffing the bags for the kids, we instituted the SUPPLY SHOP for the first time ever to allow students to furnish their own packs with all the essentials. Bruns Academy has the highest percentage of Title I students in the district, which is why STATE was honored to throw them a motivational rally to propel them to make the right choices and pursue knowledge and excellence this coming school year.

We’d like to thank all of the dedicated STATE teamers and Charlotte natives who made yesterday such a success. Bruns Academy - STATE has your back!