Avital Zeisler is a world-renowned self-defense expert, women’s empowerment coach, and highly sought-after consultant on some of today’s most popular television shows.  She is a former professional dancer and also studied self-defense in Israel and specialized in Krav Maga. In addition to her street self-defense training, Avital has a strong foundation in the martial arts. She has worked with military personnel, law enforcement, and security specialists around the world and has taught a wide range of specialized topics from close-quarter civilian protection to military-style athletic conditioning.  

Avital used her expert training to develop the Soteria Method, a ground-breaking practice incorporating self-defense, fitness, and personal discovery to arm women with the skills to defend themselves mentally and physically, and build confidence to create the life they love while honoring their femininity. 

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STATE: How important is it to keep teaching yourself new ways to stay healthy and learning new skills to defend yourself?

Avital: I had to re-define self-defense for myself in order to start using my knowledge to not only protect, but build my best life. In doing so, I have been able to bring a health and authentic happiness into every aspect of my life. I learned to love challenging myself whether it is creating new self-defense variations for women, pushing myself to reach fitness and health milestones, or taking chances on creating a life I love.

STATE: How did the Soteria Method come about?

Avital: ​The Soteria Method came about from my commitment to share with as many women as possible, the physical and mental discoveries I made through my personal healing process. Named after the goddess of safety, The Soteria Method brings women a unique practice of self-defense, fitness, and empowerment. The method is designed to guide women towards living life to it’s fullest, while being armed with the knowledge to defend themselves mentally and physically against a violent threat or attack.  

STATE: We know you’re a fan of the #GiveBackPack! Why do you think it’s important to give back to your community?

Avital: ​I feel that true beauty and creativity comes out when you can help others. I found that teaching other women, has given my new purpose and meaning in life. I am constantly honored and humbled by the amazing women I teach and the sense of community and support we build for one another. 


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