Across STATE Lines


Summer is winding down; and it’s high time to catch those last rays of sun. Winter breezes are coming, and you’re sure to regret every wasted moment taken inside. It’s time to get out; hikes, picnics, concerts, pools, the occasional rooftop. We challenge you to accept invitations, be outside, and pursue adventure.

But to conquer the city (or the country, or the world for that matter), you’ll need a backpack that does it all. An old flimsy tote will simply not cut it. And we can’t have you walking over the Brooklyn Bridge in one hundred degree heat, drawstring bag strings cutting into your shoulders. You need a pack that is designed for comfort and functionality, while still achieving the sophistication worthy of a gin and tonic in the Hamptons.

STATE Bags, a Brooklyn-based company, was created to outfit kids, parents, professionals, but most of all urban adventures with a premium backpack that is as good as it looks. For each STATE bag sold, one is hand delivered to an American child in need. Going beyond a simple material donation, the PackMen and PackWomen at STATE organize bag drop events that are designed to raise self-esteem in under-privileged kid’s in our own backyard.

STATE has just released an all-new line of packs in fresh, bold colors, to last you through August and into the Fall. Grab The Smith bag for a weekend- getaway carryall with a fashionable flair, or snatch up the Union for a luxury pack that will turn heads at work or out on the town. And don’t forget to grab a Kane bag for the little ones headed to school.

So there’s a last minute invite to the beach? Sunbathing on the High Line? Grab your suit, a good book, and your Bedford bag. You’re in.

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