Kayla is a 23-year-old NASM certified personal trainer, AFAA certified group fitness instructor, and musical theater lover working as the Social Media and Marketing Manager at ClassPass

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STATE: Have you found that it is easier or harder to maintain an active lifestyle while living in Manhattan? 
Kayla: I think maintaining an active lifestyle is much easier in Manhattan. First of all, New Yorkers walk EVERYWHERE. I briefly lived in Los Angeles after college and was shocked that people simply don’t walk there, but in New York I easily walk a few miles every day. 
I also think fitness is far more accessible here compared to other areas. It seems like there’s a gym or fitness studio on every block in Manhattan plus all the great parks. 
STATE: What is your typical day like as a social media and marketing manager? 
Kayla: I try my best to workout before work so it’s over and done with. It’s pretty rare for a meeting or fun social plans to pop up at 7AM. I’m lucky that I get to take classes at a lot of NYC's fitness studios for free thanks to work, and I definitely take advantage of it. 
From 9-ish to 6-ish I’m at our office in Chelsea working on all of our social media accounts, the blog and other marketing aspects. I wear a lot of hats but it keeps me busy.
If I didn’t work out in the morning I try to sneak out in the middle of the day for a quick sweat break… I’m terrible about working out at night. 
STATE: You combined two seemingly unrelated fields - theater and fitness - into a successful career! What advice do you have for people like yourself with interests that seem unrelated? 
Kayla: I think there’s always a common ground between your two passions. In college I worked as the dance specialist at a day camp in Westchester basically teaching zumba classes to kids. Teaching those classes gave me a similar rush to what it feels like when I’m up on stage performing. There’s actually a lot of overlap between the fitness and theater community in NYC. Both give you a similar feeling, it’s hard to explain. 
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