Evann is a 20-something health and fitness blogger living in New York City. She loves to work up a sweat, volunteer for She’s the First, and explore new areas of the city. Evann grew up dancing and worked at the campus fitness center during college but dropped her usual level of activity once she started her career. She started back up with boutique fitness classes through Classtivity (indoor cycling, bootcamp, barre, etc.), running her first half marathon, and training for her second, and has seen quite the transformation. 

If you want to connect with Evann, you can find her online here:

Blog: http://evannclingan.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/evannclingan

Instagram: http://instagram.com/evannclingan

STATE: Why do you think health and fitness should be a priority?

Evann: Exercising and maintaining a balanced diet are important because without your health, you don’t have the opportunity to achieve other goals in life. You only get one body, so it’s your responsibility to care for it. I find that if I exercise and eat well, I sleep better, work more productively, and think more positively. I’m also a big believer in balance and doing what’s best for your body on any given day. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

STATE: Do you have any suggestions for people wishing to be more active but are unsure of how to fit it in to their schedule?

Evann: It can be tough for young professionals to adjust to a work schedule and still find time to be active. You have to find what works for you. For some people, that will be signing up for a traditional gym and going before work. For others, it will be taking fitness classes at different times throughout the week. You can also use apps like Nike Training Club or programs like Crunch Live to work out whenever you have 15 minutes at home. Don’t be hard on yourself if your schedule changes and occasionally prevents you from exercising. Making little changes like taking the stairs or getting off the bus a stop early can make a big difference.

STATE: How do you start the day off on a healthy note / what’s your morning routine like?

Evann: I wish I could say that I wake up with a smile on my face ready to work out every morning. I’m working on it. Some days I save my workouts for the evening, but I do try to exercise in the morning on at least two weekdays. On these days, I wake up around 6am and eat fruit or Greek yogurt while getting dressed. Sometimes I head to a spin or barre class and get ready for work at the studio. Other times, I go for a training run in Central Park and return home to get ready for work. I always feel alert and ready to take on the day when I work out in the morning. I’ll even treat myself to a protein smoothie on the way to the office.


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