Angela & Roi is a fashion brand with a focus on philanthropy. Angela Lee and Roi Lee teamed up and found a way to make health causes a fashion statement by using color trends to bring hope and support cancer and disease fighters. Each of their carefully crafted handbags and backpacks is ethically made from vegan leather and durable fabric. 

If you want to connect with Angela & Roi, you can find them online here:

Instagram: @AngelaRoi 
Twitter: @AngelaandRoi 
Hashtags: #AngelaRoi #DonatebyColor 

STATE: What made you focus on leveraging support of the various health-related causes into a fashion statement?

Angela & Roi: My father had a brain stroke (Cerebral hemorrhage) when I was only 10 and he hasn’t been able to use a half of his body for 15 years now. He also had Diabetes and Kidney disease and recently got his kidney replaced. He was an entrepreneur, but he always told me that the most important thing in life is health, because once you lose it, you are unable to fully recover. Angela and I have seen many people experiencing cancer and disease around us. We think that most people go through this and wanted to deliver hope and positive energy to fight it. 
STATE: What is it like being a part of the socially-conscious for-profit business community?
Angela & Roi: We are very proud of ourselves in changing the world in a positive way. Right now, being socially conscious is almost like a trend; however, it should not just be a trend, and many more businesses need to join the movement. 
STATE: Tell us a bit more about your ‘Donate by Color’ movement. 
Angela & Roi: With our ‘Donate by Color’ movement, we donate $5 of each sale to support cancer and disease fighters by the color of handbag sold. For example, if we sell a pink bag, we donate $5 to support Breast Cancer fighters. Currently, we work with 11 charity organizations. The movement is also not just about the donations, but we also try to increase awareness of meaningful causes with colors. Each handbag would come with our signature color ribbon to do this. We chose colorfulness, because it delivers hope, fun, and positive energy to people. 
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