Spread the Love - YAI

“Because our school center provides services to children who have very complex special education needs, it is often very difficult for our students to participate in community events. Thanks to the generosity and spirit of STATE’s mission we were able to take part in a very special Valentine’s Day party. Each child received a beautiful, new bag with a personalized card inside - bags that will be extremely helpful in assisting with transporting all the items that children with disabilities often need in order to be successful, such as hearing aides, glasses, braces, and special diets. But the bags were only part of the event as we were treated to a wonderful guitarist, photo booth complete with costumes, cupcakes, fruit, and tasty lemonade. It was a Valentines Day our children will always remember, and the staff will, too!”

Karen Tumulty, PD, SAS
Educational Coordinator
NYL Roosevelt Children’s Centerimage

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