Every day, we receive stories from inspiring people who live by our six core values: Acceptance, Courage, Leadership, Health, Conservation, Knowledge. These people take action to create a better community for everyone. Below are three great stories submitted by GiveBackPack fans who earned our badges by embodying STATE’s core values.


“There was this new girl at my school and no one really wanted to talk to her or hang out with her so my friend and I asked her to sit with us at lunch, she did and it turns out she is really nice and really funny, just a little shy at first, but now we are best friends!”


“I have separation anxiety from my parents because I was bullied in the 8th grade and had no friends so my parents became my only friends. It has been 3 years since that and I have been to countless therapists and doctors. I still have it a little, but I decided I was not going to let the mean girls win again. I decided to go off the current medication I was on and try to live free. It would be the first time in 3 years. Since then I have tried so many new things and I am so glad this anxiety doesn’t hold me back as much as it used to. I hope one day I can completely get rid of it, but for now I’m okay.”

“Education has always been very important to my family and I. I have been very lucky to get a multitude of books growing up from my parents and learning has always been easy for me because I would constantly read with my parents. However, I realize not everyone has had this opportunity growing up. This year I was inducted to my schools National Honors Society, a prestigious group based on academic achievements. I decided to take charge and make an event. I came up with the idea to have a book drive at our school. NHS members brought old children’s books to school and we asked around for book donations from others. Then we had a book drive and every child who came could pick up to 5 books for free. It was really great! I can speak for everyone by saying we loved seeing how happy the children were, it was a reward itself!”

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