5 Healthy Summer Habits


1. Say hello to the great outdoors

Say bye bye to the oh-so-boring gym for a few months and greet nature. What’s better than river runs, hiking trails and push ups in the park? Beat it stairmaster.

2. Stock up on fresh produce

One of the best things about summer? The abundance of produce! Hit up the nearest Farmer’s Market and stuff your backpack with all the good stuff mother nature has to offer.

3. Hydrate often

Water, water, and more water! Once the heat hits, make sure your body gets enough water. Make it a habit to carry a bottle in your backpack!

4. Protect yourself

We’re all for showing off that glowing summer skin - as long as it’s covered in sunscreen! Make sure to wear SPF sunscreen even if you’re just heading out for a short walk. And always keep a bottle in the front pocket of your backpack!

5. Keep it lean

Yes. We love BBQs, too. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bite into a juicy steak every so often. Why don’t you throw a fresh tuna steak on the grill?


Want to earn our health badge? Tell us how you will stay healthy this summer.

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