On June 19th, we were contacted by Elaine Farinas, an intern at San Diego non-profit organization, Community Boost Consulting. Elaine, together with two other people, are currently touring the country promoting Social Entrepreneurship as a part of the Social Impact Tour.

The Social Impact Tour is the journey of three recent grads traveling over 3000 miles in 30 days to speak with 300 social entrepreneurs, socially responsible businesses, non-profit organizations, and influential thought-leaders. All of their experiences and interviews will culminate in the creation of a micro-documentary at the end of our journey. 

On June 30th, the Social Impact Tour made a pitstop in Brooklyn to interview husband and wife duo Scot and Jaqueline Tatelman (and STATE’s mascot, Pokey, of course!) about STATE’s mission and how we work for a social cause. STATE is very proud to be a part of their journey and hope to inspire the growth of Social Entrepreneurship in America. We can’t wait to see the micro-documentary!

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