Backpacks are the new beach bag! Our Mercer bag will not only prevent all your belongings from being covered in sand, but its water-repellent waxed cotton canvas will also keep your things from getting wet. Ideal, or what?


Summertime means festival time! And what’s better to bring to a festival than a backpack? It will fit all your things while your hands are completely free for handclapping. Oh, and it will totally stay on your back while crowd surfing, too. See? Can’t beat it.

Summer camp

Are your kids camp bound this summer? Our Garfield and Durham bags are the ideal companions to send off your kids to camp with. Equipped with exterior pockets that will fit all the smaller necessities and main compartments that will fit… well, everything else, your kids are all set for a summer at camp!


Whether you’re hitting up the mountains in Vermont or climbing up the Great Rock in Central Park, our Durham bag should be on your back. Rumor has it free use of both hands come… you know, in handy, when hiking.

Bike trip

There’s no other bag than the backpack that does the job when it comes to a bike trip. When your hands are free, you’re worry free. With a STATE bag on your back, all you need to think about is where the path ahead of you will take you! (Just don’t forget to wear a helmet!)

Urban exploring

The things you can discover when you take a stroll around the city are amazing. Get off to an early start and don’t come home until your backpack is full of memories your smartphone could never store.

Pride Week

Oh, yes! What’s cooler than sporting a backpack during Pride Week? Nothing. Whether you’re just hanging out or parading, your backpack should be stuffed with tassels, feathers, and of course - some extra jewelry! Our backpacks are your partners in pride.

Play dates

Summertime means play time! Best way to prepare for a day on the playground is to pack our Garfield bag for your kid. Keep water and snacks in the exterior side pockets and an extra sweater in the main compartment in case things get messy!

Park hang

Seriously, who needs a picnic basket when there are backpacks? Stuff your blanket, book and all the goodies you want in one of our backpacks and you’re good to stay for the day.

Pool side

Our Mercer bag with its chic leather straps and antique brass zippers will not only get you envious looks by the pool, its water-repellent waxed cotton canvas will also keep all your belongings safe and dry. So go ahead and splash away!

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