Long before there was plaid, patches and $2 pizza - there was hunters. Back in the day (we’re talking BACK in the day), hunters used backpacks to carry their equipment and preys. With no animal rights organizations around, the backpacks were made out of animal skins sewn together by intestines. Pretty gross, but hey, pretty crafty.

As we moved on from being hunters and barbarians, so did the backpack. The backpack continued to develop over centuries - the term itself was coined in 1910 in the United States. But the backpack didn’t come into modern existence until hiking enthusiast Dick Kelty designed a more lightweight, yet sturdy version in the 1950s.

When the 70s came around and outdoor activities gained in popularity, the backpack was here to stay. Materials and designs improved, and the once upon a time intestine featured skin pouch transformed into a sophisticated and functional backpack sporting fine leather straps and antique brass zippers.

Today, STATE has your back. No intestines, but plenty of innovation.

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