What's In Your Bag?

Who is Sam Maher?

He is the founder of language school Fluent City, and fan of: the beach, crafts, theater, and classic television starring former Broadway divas (The Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, etc.).

What’s in your STATE Bag at this very moment?

Headphones (with an two-jack adapter so another friend with headphones can listen in), iPad, light rain jacket, small pouch (with everyday essentials: Tylenol, extra contact lenses, a small mirror, floss, bandaids, etc.), Burt’s Bees lip balm, pencils, my Jambox (bluetooth speaker - very sexy, check it out: https://jawbone.com/speakers), Michael’s Arts & Crafts rewards card, sunglasses (Warby Parker, naturally), various keys, including those to my motorcycle…and I really can’t wait for “keys to my yacht” to be on this list one day!

What’s one thing you carry with you everyday that you can’t live without?

My iPad! It’s perfect for business meetings. I can take notes, present PDFs to those I’m meeting with, check my email, and best of all: play Slotomania or Scramble With Friends when I’m burnt out on working.

If you could carry one thing in your bag that best represents who you are as a person, what would it be?

A magic pouch that has an large supply of last-minute Broadway tickets (first 5 rows of the orchestra only, please!) for me and my friends. Sometimes, I’ll freak out at 5 or 6pm and splurge on a Broadway ticket for that night because I’m so excited to see one. This pouch would make that impulse a lot less expensive!

What’s the coolest or weirdest place your bag has been, and why?

My STATE Bag was at a local rugby field in The Bahamas. We stayed with a friend who knew the local scene very well and took us to her boyfriend’s rugby game, complete with concession stand with a keg of Kalik (local Bahamian beer) and lots of locals watching the match barefoot in t-shirts and shorts…in the middle of January!

Of the places you’ve traveled, what’s one thing you wish you could’ve brought back in your bag and why?
I used to live in Paris and whenever I go back to visit, the little book of Parisian street maps is aptly named: L'Indispensable. It really is indispensable and I can’t get around the spaghetti-like streets of Paris without it. Even lifelong Parisians use it to get around the city!

I also have to take a coin pouch with me anytime I go to France, or anywhere in Europe. It’s super annoying, but there isn’t a bill for 1 or 2 Euros. They are coins…which means you’ll have a lot more “change” with you at all times than normal life in the US involving dollars.

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