What's In Your Bag?

Who is Melinda Davila Sarkis?
Real Estate Extraordinaire, Core Fusion Enthusiast, Voted Top 10 Bachelorettes & Best Dressed of Boston
What’s in your bag at this very moment?
Im a bag lady. I’m always on the go so my life is in my bag…where do I start? Makeup, iPad & iPod, wallet, Hello Kitty tissues, contact solution, sunglasses, a GAZILLION keys, three notebooks - one for work to do’s, another for me to do’s and yet another for my thoughts, goals and dreams. I always have a pair of EXHALE socks, and a pouch with some good luck treasures I always like to carry with me. Shall I go on ;-)
What’s one thing you carry with you everyday that you can’t live without?
My cell phone! I’m a real estate agent, and live on my phone. MAYDAY!
If you could carry one thing in your bag that best represents who you are as a person, what would it be?
The Tiffany’s pen that I sign all my deals with that was given to me by a very wise woman, and the Hello Kitty odds and ends (band aids, cell phone case, and tissues). Its the juxtaposition of me…the yin and yang…the outhouse/penthouse of my personality! 
What’s the coolest or weirdest place your bag has been, and why? 
Coolest would be the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. I got to climb to the top and it came with me tucked under my coat! 
And weirdest?
The Chu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam. Not sure why I thought it was important to bring a bag into a tiny tunnel that I could barely fit in…but I did and my bag was there!
Melinda Davila Sarkis, what's in your bag