What's In Your Bag?

Who is Dana Starfield?
Film Writer, Animal Lover, Recreational Eater
What’s in your bag at this very moment?
On the surface level is my iPhone (which is most likely pocket dialing my mom at the moment.  Hi Mom!), a water bottle, a half dozen tubes of lipgloss, an external hard drive, and inexplicably, a plastic coat hanger.  Somewhere below that is my “ideas” notebook so I when I think of the next War and Peace while I’m out buying groceries, I can write it down before I forget.  Sometimes I forget my ideas notebook, so there’s a motivational backup notebook that says “done is better than perfect!”  It’s empty. In the deep inner core of my bag: bails of lint, smooshed expired bubble gum, and a set of keys? Somewhere? I swear I put the keys in there…
What’s one thing you carry with you everyday that you can’t live without?
I’ve lost just about everything in my bag at one point or another, so I can technically “live” without any of it.  That said, I usually keep these little Peanut Butter Pit Bull chocolate bars in my bag because you never know when there’s going to be an earthquake or a tidal wave or when Trader Joe’s is going to close a few minutes early, and in any of those scenarios, I know that little bar of chocolate will be essential to my survival. Plus, all the proceeds go to rescuing dogs, so every time I eat chocolate, the world is a better place for it. I eat a lot of chocolate, so, you’re welcome, world.
If you could carry one thing in your bag that best represents who you are as a person, what would it be?
A marauder’s map that leads to all my other items.
What’s the coolest or weirdest place your bag has been, and why?
Weirdest place: Security Room at Auckland airport in New Zealand.  Despite having a produce-friendly nickname, Kiwis do not take kindly to foreign fruit.  I left a mango in my bag, which was confiscated and put me on a security watch list for mango smugglers. For reals. No joke.
what's in your bag