What's In Your Bag?

Who is Andy Fiori?
NYC Comedian; Die-Hard NY Rangers Fan.
What’s in your bag right now?
Right now I have a notebook and a few pens (for writing things down!), my flip cam (to record my stand up sets), my iPhone charger (for charging my iPhone!), a wedding card with a check in it that I have to mail, my checkbook (for writing checks to put in wedding cards) and a spare set of my friend’s keys to his apartment (I like to watch TV there when he’s not home).
What’s one thing you carry everyday that you can’t live without?
I always have my iPhone in my bag. It is my calendar, reminders, email, notepad and video camera in one. I also keep a book of cliche answers in my bag at all times.
If you could carry one thing in your bag that best represents who you are as a person, what would it be?
Probably my notebook. I write down jokes and ideas for TV shows and movies in there.  That would probably best represent who I am as a person and some of the monstrous things I write about celebrities I don’t know.
What’s the coolest or weirdest place your bag has been and why?
I had my bag with me when I met Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, who many people don’t know of, but believe me they are going places in the comedy world.  While not a physically weird or cool place it was a cool day for me, and my bag was with me for the memory.
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