What's In Your Bag?

Who is Lauryn Cohen, aka “Bella Baker”?
Baker, Blogger, Dessert Stylist & Author of Sweet Gifts Baking & Crafting Magazine
What’s in your bag at this very moment? 
Lauryn: My precious iPhone 5, 8 different types of lip gloss (everything from clear to dark raspberry), coupons (I never know when I’m going to hit up Michaels or Bed Bath & Beyond so I have to be prepared!), a mini spatula, heart shaped sprinkles, edible ink markers, and multiple types of chocolate.
What’s one thing you carry with you everyday that you can’t live without? 
Lauryn: I carry my camera with me so I can snap photos of possible inspiration for my desserts. I also cannot leave home without a big bottle of water and a snack like nuts, dried fruit or a Kind Bar.
If you could carry one thing in your bag that best represents who you are as a person, what would it be? 
Lauryn: If I could fit my big pink Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in my bag, I’d bring it with me everywhere I went! I am obsessed with it!
What’s the coolest place your bag has been, and why? 
Lauryn: Recently my bag came with me on my Bella Baker media tour to New York, Chicago, Milwaukee and Miami!