What's In Your Bag?


What’s in your bag?

Rick: My laptop, pens and paper, gloves, water, lotion…and my Yankee hat.

David: In my bag I have an iPod, headphones, magazines, a photo of my grandparents (that I never had the opportunity to meet), dried mango, water and a toy microphone.

The one thing in your bag that you cannot live without?

Rick: My laptop. Who could function without the ability to research pancake recipes or find the nearest Hibachi restaurant?!

David: Travel size mouthwash. I ALWAYS rinse after every meal…no matter where I am.

And the most interesting item in your bag?

Rick: A Marriage Manual. It’s a list of goals, needs, wants and “what to do’s” for my future wife and I to follow for a successful marriage.

David: Toy Microphone. Public speaking can be a bit scary so I practice with my toy mic to loosen up and get comfortable. I may freestyle a couple lines, too (privately)!

What do you hope the kids at the STATE bag drops learn from the program?

Rick: I hope the kids get something bigger than the bags we give, and would like them to receive the tools to build a stronger community.

David: I hope the kids walk away feeling motivated to be better in all aspects of life. STATE’s GiveBackPack Program does a great job of helping kids figure out the things they can improve upon and motivates them to tell their story so that others can be inspired as well.