Welcome To The Team, Avani!

SURPRISE! This year we’ll be doing monthly deals, only for a limited time. It’s our New Years Resolution and we’re PSYCHED. 

Today, we were so excited about our new employee, Avani, and her first week here that we’re giving you 25% off for three whole hours! From 7pm to 10pm EST today, everything in the shop will be 25% off.

Get to know Avani and shop that sale!

SB: Who are you, and how’d you end up BACK in New York City (after an Ohio hiatus) working for STATE Bags? 

AS: At the core, I’m a family gal who left NY a bit burned out, looking for an opportunity to do meaningful work, and inevitably found myself back here doing just that!   The stars aligned, I was lucky enough to know someone connected to Scot & Jacq, and now I’m lucky enough to be managing production for the STATE team. 

SB: Choose one of the following fantastic choices: shoveling a driveway in Ohio or riding a packed subway car?

AS: This is a tough choice.. I am inclined to say shoveling in Ohio, since home is where the heart is (cheesy, yes.) but a packed subway car isn’t so bad when you’re excited to come to work. 

SB: You’re getting married soon and throwing an awesome, traditional, huge Indian wedding. How many people are on the invite list?

AS: Our invite list was nearly 500 before we changed locations and decided on a destination wedding!  Now we are at a manageable 120.

SB: One of the many perks of working at STATE is getting a bag of your choice. Which one are you eyeing?

AS: The Smith!! I’m obsessed with this style. 

SB: At our bag drop rallies, our PackMen talk about items they carry in their bag that tells a lot about who they are as people and their journey in life. What’s one thing you always carry that even your closest friends and family might even be surprised to hear?

AS: Don’t laugh.. I already mentioned I’m family oriented, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I carry wallet sized photos of my parents, nieces, and nephew! 

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